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Useful Information About This Amazing Veggie Patch Birthday Party From Belinda Ramanauskasi of

This AMAZING Veggie Patch Birthday Party from Belinda Ramanauskasi of Styled By Belle makes me Need to get my hands dirty. Beautiful vegetable shaped macarons sit beneath a bed of chocolate cake grime in an insanely inventive garden bed dessert station. And take a look at these unbelievable cabbage cake pops so adorable and lifelike. Looking at these photos brings me back to these times as a child where we’d make mud pie with gummy worms, so messy, but sooo yummy always a fantastic combo in my book. ;-RRB- – PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for: Sunny Garden Lunch Table + Plastic Terracotta Pot Chairs.

Seed Packet Invitations and Plant Marker Food & Drink Labels – Personalized Activity Kits filled with small tools for pint sized gardeners – Utensils & napkins creatively tied up to look like carrots – Cabbage Cake Pops, Snow Pea Macarons, Potted Chocolate Mousse, & more creative treats! – PARTY DETAILS, as told by Belinda. My son Aidan loves being outdoors. Every time he sees the rear door unlock, he runs and sneaks between my thighs to get out there. We’ve a small little vegetable patch he loves digging and watering the plants. When considering a motif for Aidans 4th party, I thought a small vegetable patch will be just ideal.

The invitation was a really cute small custom design seed package that was sent to guests with a few real seedlings to plant at home. DESSERT TABLE – I wanted to make a garden bed effect. The lower level of the table I coated with crumbled chocolate cake that looked like dirt. Lunch also included healthful food like sushi and sandwiches. So while we’d lots of sweet treats on this dessert table, the kids also ate really well with healthful food and fresh juices. ACTIVITIES – I brought in large wooden apple crates full of dirt that the children could dig and plant small flower pots. Upon arrival, each guest received a small pot, an apron I’d printed with their names, small backyard gloves, a digging spade and a fork.

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